Surf Pacifico was established in Playa Guiones in 2010, we provide a combination of high level instruction and professional, high end service, to create the ultimate surfing experience.

Surf Lessons & Coaching

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate surfer, a one on one coaching session with our instructors will help you go a long way. These sessions are thorough and personalized for your level, and you will see immediate progress.

Surf Vacation Packages

Whether you are looking to pamper yourself on this long-awaited surf vacation, or are looking to save some money while travelling, we have the right package for you


Take a series of lessons a take your surfing to the next level. No matter what your level is, our instructors will work with you so you will really see a difference.

Empowerment is catching your own waves

Be grateful when the conditions are the best

Be patient when they are not

Work hard but enjoy the ride



See you on the next wave!

Our surf lessons are scheduled according to the tides to ensure the best learning conditions for beginners. We will start your surf lesson with a workshop where you will learn the basics of surfing, safety tips, paddling techniques, standing up on a board and riding waves.